Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Final Blog

So it looks like this will be my last blog, since I will not have internet the rest of the time I am here.
 Yesterday, first I went and met the vice president of AED- the HIV clinic- at her house. She has taken in 4 orphans who are all HIV positive and she will be taking in the little boy I am sponsoring (me and my friends) they live in a 1 ROOM house with only 1 mattress.. She also has her own son and a girl who comes to help her run things. She is such an amazing lady and sooo sweet! (I put pictures up on facebook!!!!!) Then we went out to eat at a cool restaurant where I found a mask I’m going to buy ;) and afterwards had a slow afternoon, BUT then we went to a nearby village, Lasa Cho, and met a man named John Marie. I think he runs the church in that village. Anyways the girls right of passage to become women was going on, and lets just say I say naked women running with older women chasing off the guys, after they ran they dressed and celebrated! I met some of the CUTEST kids that John Marie and his wife took in as orphans and his parents. Very HAPPY woman!!! Well as Nicole was talking to someone, this old woman came up to me and gave me a bowl, kind of like a coconut shell but a different fruit, and it had some liquid in it that she told me to drink. I looked at Nicole puzzled and she said it was VERY rude not to drink it. So I had a sip. I INSTANTLY realized I was drinking a home made beer! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! It wasn’t that bad. Nicole said it was probably one of the best things I could drink because they boiled it so much that it got out all the bad stuff. Hehe. The day after that was pretty average...

So, today I am going to be experiencing real African market food! One of my friends here is going to take me out and eat some! I am super excited J

I will not have access to the internet after Friday because where I am going for a week they don’t have wireless. So sadly this will be my last blog. I want to thank everyone who has read this blog and wanted to see what was going on in my life! As well as everyone who has been praying for me! I haven’t gotten terribly sick at all! Which is great, considering all the other interns did.

I will see everyone in less than two weeks! Thanks again!!!!

In Him,


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  1. I am really proud of you. I can't wait to hear all about the trip when you get back to the States.